Become an Authorized KeyoTel Reseller

    • After you have reviewed the program information then register here to start the process.
      After reviewing your information we will contact you to set up a call or meeting with you depending on the level of partnership you are interested in. With a complete application submitted, you can expect to hear back from KeyoTel within 24 to 48 hours.
      KeyoTel will set up a call or meeting with you to answer any questions you have about our partner program, discuss the partnering process, and potentially explore joint business activities.
    • Once agreement is made with your company, KeyoTel will ask you to review and return an executed copy of our Partner Program Agreement. This agreement may include an addendum covering specific information related to your level of partnership and joint business activities.
      Depending on your level of partnership you will either receive an email directing you to the KeyoTel partner portal with instructions on how to get started or you will be contacted by KeyoTel channel sales management to discuss next steps to launch your partnership with KeyoTel Technology.


KeyoTel Global Communications provides resellers including VARs, with a variety of benefits
to help grow their organizations. Resellers and channel partners can join KeyoTel and take advantage of key benefits, also KeyoTel membership is corporate-wide, which means your entire organization gains access to our member resources.
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 Resellers and channel partners can join KeyoTel Global Communications and take advantage of
Sales discounts up to 45%,
Discounts on Technical training & certifications,
Exclusive sales referrals
Discounts on Annual Support Packages.
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