About KeyoTel Global Communications

About KeyoTel Global Communications

KeyoTel Global Communications

Our Mission is to provide key Communications solutions that boost business productivity and opportunities beyond borders

Business Phone Systems

 Connecting your business With the Next Generation of Technology
Our IP Telephony Solutions are the next generation in Business Communications, with Entry level and Enterprise level solutions for Small/ Midsize Business, Corporations with platform solutions in the Hospitality Hotels, Cruise Ships, and Non-Profit Churches, Medical Facilities, and Financial outlets. We also have a Turn-Key Solutions for the Calling Card platform which is perfect for start-ups or existing business with desire to own their own systems.
KeyoTel Global Communications Telephony Solutions are cross platform & interoperable with other IP Technologies with cross continental capabilities. Our Communications Solutions are easy to use, easy to manage, scalable, reliable and deliver. We also can offer Business VOIP Services in North America, South America and Europe, please inquire about our Unlimited Business Calling Plans and start saving up to 80% on your calls. Our Unified communications works with either or any combinations of the following mode of voice transport Analog line, T1/E1 Broadband line, VOIP Voice Over IP